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Round Bed - Denim - Orange - L

Round Bed - Denim - Orange - L

by PET P.L.A.Y

AED 606

Ref. No. PY0004ALF

Designed to fit any home, our award-winning round and rectangular beds are made with the finest fabrics and feature durable construction. Optimally stuffed with our in-house PlanetFill® filler, these original beds are easy to clean and 100% machine washable and dryer friendly. They are handmade with the highest quality standards with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind.There’s just something about denim. Whether your pet’s sitting on your lap, or resting a head on your knee, pets love blue jeans. So our Urban Denim pet beds feature the P.L.A.Y. dog on a soft yet tough denim material. Sure, your lap will still be preferred, but this bed is a close second. Large Size is 106.7 Dia x 12.7cm.