Doggy Be Pet Accessories / Round Bed - Footprint - Brown - M

Round Bed - Footprint - Brown - M

Round Bed - Footprint - Brown - M

by PET P.L.A.Y

AED 549

Ref. No. PY0007AMF

Designed to fit any home, our award-winning round and rectangular beds are made with the finest fabrics and feature durable construction. Optimally stuffed with our in-house PlanetFill® filler, these designer beds are easy to clean and 100% machine washable and dryer friendly. They are handmade with the highest quality standards with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind.What is better than being a dog who is making footprints in the sand? Having you right there alongside. This bed celebrates the amazing bond between dog and owner. Just be forewarned: when it comes to naps, your dog will want this bed all to himself. My dog was always putting footprints everywhere. And it gave me a warm feeling whenever I saw my footprints next to hers. - P.L.A.Y. Artist Dave Collins. Medium Size is 91.4 Dia x 11.4cm